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Stone Coat Countertops

Stone Coat Gallon Epoxy Kits


This is the material we use to create our Stone Coat Countertops and Wood Slab Tops. Watch our how-to videos to learn to make your own amazing surfaces! This product is formulated for this purpose and is only found here! Stone Coat Countertop 2 Gallon...

Stone Coat Countertops

Ultimate Top Coat


Ultimate Top Coat - Hybrid Coating Technology Compatible with all our epoxy, renew your older epoxy countertops to look like the day you poured! Lighty sand your epoxy countertop with 220, wipe the dust and you're ready for the Ultimate Top Coat The...

Stone Coat Countertops

Stone Coat Platinum


Stone Coat Platinum - Hybrid Coating Technology  100% FOOD SAFE - FDA APPROVED FOR FOOD CONTACT 1.5 Gallons for 30 square foot of countertops, both the color and clear coat of epoxy You have discovered the ultimate non-yellowing coating! This...

Stone Coat Countertops

Quick Coat


Artists love using Quick Coat Epoxy to create geodes for their art pieces. Wood workers love our Quick Coat for 3D objects, such a coating driftwood. This kit includes one gallon of our fast setting epoxy. This product has a 15 minute working time, and...

Stone Coat Countertops

Art Coat Gallon Kits


Stone Coat Countertops - Art Coat Epoxy. We have been working with resin artist closely to bring you Art Coat from Stone Coat Countertops! This is an amazing epoxy formulation which has Zero VOC's, an extended working time, added U.V inhibitors for...

Stone Coat Countertops

Craft Coat 1 Gallon Kit


Craft Coat is designed as a balance between Price & Premium Epoxy characteristics. Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy has developed and brought to you a economical blend of Epoxy Resin which preforms ahead of its class. Learn Epoxy techniques & craft...

Stone Coat Countertops

Liquid Epoxy Dye


Liquid Epoxy Dye Stone Coat Countertops vibrant epoxy dyes are specifically designed to work with phenolic resin and hardener. You can use it to create realistic looking natural stone, artistic flairs, or mimic anything from your DIY dreams when...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Undercoat


The Epoxy Undercoat is paint we like to use on our substrate before pouring epoxy. Compatible with MDF, Plywood, and other porous materials 1 Quart (32 Fl OZ) Covers 40 Square Feet Fast Drying, No Ammonia, Coat Multiple Kitchens

Stone Coat Countertops

Slab Jig


Here is the video on how to assemble the Slab Jig. Slab Jig Assembly Video Link Click Here.  This slab jig will help you make wood slab projects flat!   The jig is adjustable to fit most router bases, we use a Surface...

Stone Coat Countertops

1/8" Square Notch Trowel


The Best Notched Trowel for Epoxy Work Working with epoxy is easy! But sometimes, finding the right tools isn’t. That’s why we created our very own, all-steel notched trowel. The Stone Coat Countertops 1/8” Square Notch Trowel brings...

Stone Coat Countertops

2" Chop Brush


This is the brush we prefer to use when chopping our Stone Coat Countertop epoxy as well as brushing edges.  Clean with Acetone and remove any loose bristles before using.  We have tested many types of brushes and this is our favorite! Save...

Stone Coat Countertops

8ft Saw Guide


Convert your circular saw into a top performing track-guided saw to break down sheets of MDF or plywood with ease. Set your countertop or woodworking projects up for success by making accurate, splinter-free, and straight cuts with Stone Coat Epoxy Saw...

Stone Coat Countertops

Bonding Primer 1 Quart


***This Bonding primer is White in color**** Bonding primer for applying epoxy over, laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, cultured marble, and other non porious smooth hard surfaces.  Low odor/low VOC. Performs like an industrial...

Stone Coat Countertops



Two-part filler bonds to broad range of surfaces for permanent, non-shrink repairs Cures fast; sandable in 15 minutes for fast same-day repairs Light gray when mixed, helping blend with surfaces for consistent appearance Fully paintable and...

Stone Coat Countertops

Dining Table Epoxy Kit


Stone Coats Dining Table Epoxy Repair Kit will save you tons of money vs purchasing a brand-new dining set.   Permanently install the table leaf you never remove with thickened Quick Coat, create a head turning natural looking...

Stone Coat Countertops

Elm Round Slab


Turn this exotic wood slab into a funtional piece of valuable art with Stone Coat Epoxy! Species: ElmMoisture Content 6% DryColor: NaturalDimensions: Varies  Level this project quickly and safely with our Slab Leveling Jig All wood slab orders are...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Shower Kit


You supply the 1'' foam board, we'll supply everything else!  This Epoxy Shower Kit will coat 40 square feet of shower panels with both the color coat and clear coat of epoxy. Included in the Epoxy Shower Kit: 2 gallons of Stone Coat Countertop...