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Epoxy Casting Resin 1½ Gallon Kit


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**This Casting Epoxy is desgined to be poured under 3/4'' per pour**

This material is designed to fill voids in raw wood slab tops.  Stone Coat Casting resin is unique because normal Stone Coat can only be poured in thickness of 1/8" per coat.  Stone Coat Casting resin can be poured up to 3/4 - 1" thick depending on the mass of the project.  Make sure and use a normal Stone Coat flood coat over the top of Stone Coat casting resin because you'll need the scratch protection.  Stone Coat Casting resin is not designed as the final coat.  This product is NOT to be used for normal 1/8" flood coat pour.  This is a 1.5 gallon kit mixed at 2:1   Mix this material slowly with a paint stick not a drill, then when trying to pop bubbles pop then as you pour 1/4" at a time then add more material and continue to torch as you go to get a crystal clear deep pour.  For stubborn areas heat the tip of a screwdriver and pop the deep bubbles with the hot tip of the screwdriver.  

    We do not recommend pouring large clear areas that you want to remain crystal clear. Our casting epoxy is great to tint and keep translucent but but large thick areas that you want to remain crystal clear will show some amber tint to them due to the nature of this formulation.

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More information on our Casting Epoxy.

How to use our Casting Resin


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