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Polyaspartic Top Coat


Product Information

Take your do-it-yourself home improvement project to the next level with Polyaspartic Flooring Topcoat! This EXTREMELY UV stable, industrial grade topcoat is designed just for the DIY homeowner and will give you professional looking results! It’s extremely durable, so you can be sure it will last. Plus, it has a high gloss finish that looks amazing and will leave your floor looking polished and flawless.

When you use Polyaspartic Top Coat for Flooring, you won't have to worry about harsh chemical fumes. That's right--it's safe to use by yourself in the comfort of your own home. And you don't have to rush either--it has long working times so you can take your time and make sure your application looks perfect when finished.

Save money on home improvements while getting professional results using Polyaspartic Topcoat - You Got This! So why wait? Deck out your floors with this awesome DIY epoxy topcoat today!

Quick Guide Instructions:

1. Apply Polyaspartic Topcoat within 24 hours after previous epoxy coating is applied. If the previous serface has cured longer than 24 hours, sand the surface with 150-220 grit. Remove debris and wipe surface with acetone or 91% isopropyl alcohol before applying.

2. Mix 2 part A and 1 parts B by volume for 2-4 minutes. Mix up 1/2-1 ounces MAX of topcoat per square foot of floor.

3. Pour material into a paint tray and roll topcoat in a thin coating. Roll out front to back and side to side to ensure an even coating. 

4. Recoat when dry to the touch if need within 18 hours of previous application


Coverage: 1 ounce per sqft application - 200-300 sqft per 1.5 gallon kit



Technical Specs