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Ultimate Epoxy Resin Countertop Kit for Remodeling Old Countertops
Stone Coat's epoxy counter products, tools, and supplies have an endless range of possibilities with the pre-made kits that we've designed. You can choose one of our pre-built epoxy kits with everything included for you to take your project from concept to completion. You can also customize your kit to make something truly unique.


We have all the epoxy resin countertop supplies right here on our website, and they are just a button click away. The first rule is to have fun. You got this! If you have any questions or run into any problems with your specific project, contact us or call (541) 450-1976. Our team and training videos are here to help. Revolutionary Epoxy Countertop Products & Guides
Who needs granite when you've got Stone Coat's epoxy for countertops? Our epoxy resin allows you to literally pour your countertop right out of a bucket. Our countertop epoxy is fun, simple, and satisfying to use. The endless applications and end results are even better. Our pre-made epoxy resin kits feature a wide variety of patterns and colors, such as standard white and black marble and earth tones, but each epoxy counter top is capable of taking on almost any pattern and color that you envision. Do you want your remodeled epoxy counters to use colors from your existing tile floors, cabinetry, and painted walls? No problem. The possibilities are unlimited. If you need some inspiration for designing and creating your epoxy counter top, be sure to check out the numerous instructional videos in our online training center. All of our epoxy counter guides will walk you through the step-by-step process for achieving beautiful, distinct, and long-lasting countertops, tabletops, and much more.