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Thick Pour Super Cast Epoxy 1½ Gallon Kit


Product Information

Introducing Stone Coat's Super Cast Casting Resin, the premier solution for filling epoxy rivers and large voids in raw wood slabs up to 2.5 inches deep in a single pour. Unlike our standard Stone Coat Epoxy, which is ideal for thin coats, our Casting Resin is specially formulated for deep pours up to 2 inches thick, depending on your project's size and mass.

Key Features:

  • Deep Pour Capability: Pour up to 2 inches thick without generating excessive heat that could compromise the epoxy integrity.
  • Slow Curing: Designed for a controlled curing process to prevent overheating and ensure a perfect finish.
  • Versatility: Ideal for river tables, large void fills, and creating stunning 3D effects with added metallic powders.

Application Instructions:

  1. Mixing: Combine at a 2:1 ratio and mix gently with a paint stick to avoid introducing air bubbles.
  2. Bubble Removal: Apply in 1/4" layers, torching between pours to achieve a crystal-clear finish. For persistent bubbles, heat the tip of a screwdriver to pop them effectively.
  3. Design Enhancement: Stir the epoxy periodically during curing to maintain vibrant metallic effects and add unique swirls.
  4. Final Coat: Apply a Stone Coat flood coat for essential scratch protection, as Casting Resin is not intended as the final surface layer.


  • Monitor cure times and temperature to ensure optimal results.
  • Large pours may require step pouring to prevent self-heating and potential failure.
  • Test clarity and effect on a small scale before committing to large, clear areas.

Stone Coat's Super Cast Casting Resin transforms any woodworking project into a masterpiece with its deep pour capability and slow curing formula. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike, it brings unparalleled depth and dimension to your creations. Add our metallic powders, glitters, or tints for a personalized touch and create something truly unique.

**This Thick Pour Super Cast Epoxy is designed to be poured over 3/4'' per pour**

Click here to see our video with more information on our Casting Epoxy.

Click here to watch us show how to use our Casting Resin

Pro Tip- 

Run a fan across the surface of your super cast project to keep the project cool while curing!

This product is not recommended for pours greater than 2" at a time.


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