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Caramel Marble Epoxy Kits

$106.36 - $530.97

Product Information

Elevate your countertops with the Stone Coat Caramel Marble Epoxy Kit, a perfect blend of elegance and earthy charm. This all-inclusive DIY kit is designed to help DIYers of all skill levels achieve a stunning and realistic caramel marble effect effortlessly.

With vibrant and colorfast liquid epoxy dyes, our formula ensures seamless blending for a flawless finish. Our customer-favorite Diamond Dust Metallic Powder adds a captivating sparkle that catches the light and brings your project to life. Rest assured, our metallic powders are exceptionally UV resistant, ensuring long-lasting vibrancy and durability.

Transform your countertops into masterpieces with our easy-to-use and high-quality Stone Coat Caramel Marble Epoxy Kit. Experience the joy of creating beautiful surfaces that will stand the test of time.

Caramel Marble Kit Coverage Rates:

  • 1/2-gallon kit covers 10 square feet
  • 1-gallon kit covers 20 square feet
  • 2-gallon kit covers 40 square feet
  • 4-gallon kit covers 80 square feet

Kit Contents:

  • 1/2, 1, 2, or 4 gallons of Art Coat Epoxy for a high-quality base
  • 1 White Dye and 1 Brown Dye for the perfect caramel marble hues
  • 1 Diamond Dust Metallic Powder for that extra sparkle
  • 1 White Epoxy Undercoat to prepare your surface

Choose the Stone Coat Caramel Marble Epoxy Kit for an effortlessly elegant countertop transformation. Shop now and elevate your space with the warmth and beauty of caramel marble.

*4 Gallon Kit includes 2 - Metallic Powders, Epoxy Dyes, & Epoxy Undercoats - White

Optional add on - Stone Coat's Ultimate Top Coat for maximum durability

Quick Guide Instructions:

When applying 4-5 ounces per square foot on your countertop, it is crucial to incorporate a tape dam along the perimeter of the countertop. After mixing, the tape dam should be removed approximately 1.25-1.5 hours later. For optimal coverage, measure around 4-5 ounces per square foot of countertop. Using a paddle mixer and drill, mix the epoxy for 2 minutes. If mixing by hand with a paint stick, double the mixing time. Midway through mixing, scrape the sides with a stick. Divide the mixed epoxy into separate mixing cups and thoroughly incorporate the provided colors. Randomly layer the colored epoxy back into the larger mixing bucket, avoiding mixing the colors together. Once the bucket is full, simply pour it onto the countertop for an instant epoxy finish. To eliminate air incorporated during mixing, use a propane torch or heat gun to sweep the surface from 1-2 inches away. Remove the tape dam 1.25-1.5 hours after mixing and use a gloved hand to wet any dry areas on the edges, promoting even flow of the epoxy. Allow the epoxy to cure for 18-24 hours before applying a clear coat or the ultimate top coat as a final step.

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