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Epoxy Glitter Additive

$10.99 - $43.99

Product Information

Enhance your epoxy projects with Stone Coat Countertops Glitter epoxy additives! Our vibrant range of colors will add a touch of sparkle to any surface. Create the luxurious appearance of Black Galaxy Granite and more by incorporating our Silver Glitter into our clear epoxy.

Each resealable 15-gram bag preserves the quality of the glitter for future use. With just one bag, you can enrich 1 gallon of mixed epoxy, infusing your projects with captivating brilliance. Stone Coat Countertops Glitter is perfect for adding shimmer to full pours and castings. Our epoxy glitter achieves unparalleled brightness and clarity, thanks to its superior refraction properties. It suspends and flows smoothly within the mixture, guaranteeing a seamless application over any surface.

Discover the exceptional quality of Stone Coat Countertops Glitter epoxy additives. Enhance your countertops and projects with remarkable sparkle. Simply mix the desired amount of glitter into the epoxy for optimal results. For an impressive sparkle in a 1-gallon epoxy mixture, use one 15-gram bag of glitter. Our Stone Coat Epoxy Glitter additive is compatible with all our epoxy resin products.

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