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Flooring Ultimate Top Coat - Matte - 1.5 gallon


Are you a homeowner looking to take on a flooring project? Look no further! Stone Coat's new Flooring Ultimate Top Coat is here to bring your dreams to life. With its revolutionary formula, this top coat provides long-lasting, professional appeal. Our unique blend of urethane and proprietary ingredients ensures better scratch, stain, and chemical resistance, while also offering an extended open working time for precision. Achieve a consistent finish every time with our perfectly balanced ingredients. And the best part? It's easy to use! Choose Stone Coat and turn your flooring dreams into reality. You've got this!

Quick Guide Instructions:

  1. Light sanding of the flooring midcoat if cured past 24 hours and clean dust with vacuum and 91% isopropyl mop
  2. Mix full kit with paint stick for 60-90 seconds, add 20 oz of room temp water and mix again for 30 seconds. Pour mixed UTC into large paint pan. 
  3. Use a 3/8'' nap microfiber roller to dip and roll the UTC on the floor like painting a wall. Try to apply evenly and feather the lap lines as you apply. Hit the perimeter with a 4-6'' weenie roller
  4. Put on the spike shoes, using the wet roller ( NO DRY ROLLING ON FLOOR) roll the floor wall to wall and work your way out of the room.
  5. I used a 18'' roller and 18'' roller pan. Working time to apply is 30-40 minutes.
  6. The floor was walkable in 24 hours. I'd keep off of it for 36-48 hours. Full cure in 5-7 days

Potlife: 70 minutes

Dry Time: 4-6 hours

Traffic: Light foot traffic after 18 hours, full cure after 3-7 days

Coverage: 500-600 square feet per 1.5 Gallon Kit


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