Podcast FAQ'S

Do I have to sand between every coat? How important is sanding? 

How do I tackle shower walls and Shower shelf Inserts?

Waterfalls and introducing bubbles into the epoxy?

Will we have a traveling workshop?

Can I Epoxy over my Tile floor?

A bug flew into my epoxy, how do I fix this?

I don't like my Color coat, What can I do to change it?

When can I reinstall my kitchen sink?

Will Spray paints cause yellowing in the future?

Can I inlay Vinyl stickers into the epoxy?

How can I make my river table look like real water?

Can I use a heat gun?

How can I move long projects without breaking the epoxy?

What is the proper amount of epoxy for my color and flood coats?

Should I use Plumbers putty or silicone to mount my sink?

Debris fell into my epoxy, How do I fix it?

Can I use Stone Coat Countertop epoxy on my boat?

Can I apply epoxy onto my built in backsplash?

Can I use textured stone rollers with SCC Epoxy?

Will SCC Epoxy cure properly in a high humidity environment?

How out of level can my project be? 

Can I apply SCC Epoxy onto a really tall backsplash?

Can I apply 3 coats of epoxy on my project?

Can I cut food on my new countertop?

How can I address cracks in my countertop?

Can I apply SCC Epoxy in my sink?

What is the best way to tackle the drips under my project?

How do I use Tyvek tape to remove the drips under my project?

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I burned the epoxy with my torch, how can I fix this?

Podcast #6 Q2.PNG

Can I apply SCC Epoxy on glass?

Podcast #6 Q3.PNG

All of the color ran off of my edges, what can I do?

Podcast #6 Q4.PNG

I can't find anyone in my area that does this, can you help?

Podcast #6 Q5.PNG

Can I use acrylic paint in the epoxy?

Podcast #6 Q6.PNG

Can I pour Stone Coat Countertops over my old laminate countertops?

This video also explains how to mix Base color, and metallic powders.  

How do I spray metallic powder into my project to give amazing looks?

How do I mix Stone Coat Countertop epoxy?

How do I apply a second flood coat to help make my project very flat and very professional? 

Where can I learn how to do this entire process from start to finish.  I'm looking for in depth training that really teaches the steps to achieve amazing results.  All FREE! How to cut out for an undermount sink skip to 15:37

How can I apply this over raw wood slabs? 

How can I make a rock face natural looking live edge on my Stone Coat Countertop project?