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Non-Skid Floor Additive


Product Information

Are you looking to upgrade your flooring without the hassle of professional installation? Look no further than Stone Coats DIY Flooring Epoxy system with our new Non-Skid Floor Additive! This unique floor coating system combines either an epoxy metallic marble or a multi-colored garage floor epoxy flake system with a non-skid additive that creates a durable, anti-slip surface with our Polyaspartic flooring topcoat to achieve results that make your home look like it's been transformed into a picture in a home improvement magazine! Getting this designer look has never been so easy or affordable - simply mix in the included Non-Skid Additive when applying the topcoat for an innovative, seamless surface that's safe for family and friends. Whether you're creating a living room, bedroom, kitchen or entryway, you'll be able to give your space an amazing upgrade with Stone Coats DIY Flooring Epoxy system. So make sure to get yours today and bring your design dreams to life without breaking the bank!


For a medium-grit, non-skid finish per 1 gallon: mix in 1-2 ounces for light coverage. 2-3 ounces for mid coverage. 3-4 ounces for heavy coverage per 1-gallon of Polyaspartic Topcoat. Do not excede 6 ounces of non-skid additve per 1 gallon of topcoat.


Technical Specs