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Stone Coat Countertops

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Gallon Kits


Our epoxy gallon kits come with the same materials we use to create our Stone Coat Countertops and Wood Slab Tops. Watch our how-to videos to learn to make your own amazing surfaces! The countertop...

Stone Coat Countertops

Ultimate Top Coat


Ultimate Top Coat - Hybrid Coating Technology Compatible with all our epoxy, renew your older epoxy countertops to look like the day you rolled it on! Lighty sand your epoxy countertop with 220, wipe...

Stone Coat Countertops

Stone Coat Platinum


Stone Coat Platinum - Hybrid Coating Technology  100% FOOD SAFE - FDA APPROVED FOR FOOD CONTACT 1.5 Gallons for 30 square foot of countertops, both the color and clear coat of epoxy You have...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Quick Coat


Epoxy Quick Coat Artists love using Quick Coat Epoxy to create geodes for their art pieces. This kit includes one gallon of our fast-setting epoxy. This product has a 15 minute working time, and we...

Stone Coat Countertops

Liquid Epoxy Dye


Liquid Epoxy Dye Stone Coat Countertops' vibrant epoxy dyes are specifically designed to work with phenolic resin and hardeners. You can use these epoxy resin colors to create realistic-looking...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Undercoat


The Epoxy Undercoat is paint we like to use on our substrate before pouring epoxy. Compatible with MDF, Plywood, and other porous materials 1 Quart (32 Fl OZ) Covers 40 Square Feet Fast Drying, No...

Stone Coat Countertops

Marble Effect Spray


Marble Effect Spray Stone Coat Countertop offers three colors of high-grade, and high covering Marble Effect Spray that emits paint in the form of fibers for an extremely realistic marble fracturing...

Stone Coat Countertops

Router Slab Jig


This slab jig will help you make wood slab projects flat! With it’s adjustable mount this slab leveling jig can fit most router bases; we use a Surface Planing Router Bit - 3" Cutting Diameter...

Stone Coat Countertops

2" Chop Brush


This is the brush we prefer to use when chopping our Stone Coat Countertop epoxy as well as brushing edges.  Clean with Acetone and remove any loose bristles before using.  We have tested...

Stone Coat Countertops

8ft Saw Guide


Convert your circular saw into a top performing track-guided saw to break down sheets of MDF or plywood with ease. Set your countertop or woodworking projects up for success by making accurate,...

Stone Coat Countertops

Art Dye Collection


Art Dye Collection- This liquid epoxy resin dye collection is a selection of Stone Coat Countertops' most popular colors for vivid epoxy art projects, tumblers, geodes, exotic pours, and much more...

Stone Coat Countertops

Art Metallic Collection


Art Metallic Collection This metallic powder collection is a selection of Stone Coat Countertops most popular colors for vivid epoxy art projects, tumblers, geodes, exotic pours, and much more. Each...

Stone Coat Countertops

Art Spray Paint Collection


Art Spray Paint Collection- This selection contains our most popular spray paint colors for the epoxy artist. Our fastest selling spray paints for Ocean Scenes, Cradled Wood, Epoxy Geodes, and much...

Stone Coat Countertops

Countertop Stone Spray Collection


Countertop Stone Spray Collection In this unique selection of spray paint is all our colors of Stone Spray. This special spray comes out in a speckled pattern that closely resembles many natural...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Shower Kit


You supply the 1'' foam board, we'll supply everything else!  This Epoxy Shower Kit will coat 40 square feet of shower panels with both the color coat and clear coat of epoxy. Included in the...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Trowel Stick


MULTI-USE TOOL – Use Trowel Sticks for paint mixing, spreading epoxy resin, sign making, arts and crafts, and so much more! Also recommended for DIY countertop epoxy resin kits from Stone Coat...

Stone Coat Countertops

Natural Earth Tones Epoxy Kits


DESCRIPTION Included in the Natural Earth Tone Epoxy 1/2, 1 or 2 gallon kit: 1/2 - 2 gallon kit of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy 1 - Hammered Copper Spray Paint 1 - Hammered Dark Bronze Spray Paint 1...

Stone Coat Countertops

Sliced Jade Epoxy Kit


Included in the Sliced Jade Epoxy Kit: 1/2, 1, 2, or 4 gallons of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy White Spray Paint Black Spray Paint Gold Metallic Spray Paint Hunter Green Spray Paint 15 grams of Real...

Stone Coat Countertops

Spray on Granite Kit


ON SALE NOW - LIMITED TIME - 20% OFF SAVINGS INCLUDED IN PRICE! Spray Granite Countertops right out of a can! This epoxy countertop technique is very fast and easy. You can epoxy over your existing...

Stone Coat Countertops White Exotic Marble Kit

Stone Coat Countertops

White Exotic Marble Kit


Stone Coat White Exotic Marble Epoxy Kit pours out of your bucket and is a very simple epoxy project for any skill level. We've done the hard work for you and put together everything you need to...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Floor Patch Kit


DESCRIPTION Stone Coat Countertops Floor Patch - Epoxy Patching Gel 1/2-gallon kit *Larger sizes available upon request* Floor Patch is a 2-part epoxy system Resin (A), Hardener (B). They...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Thickener


DESCRIPTION Use: Add PolyFiber to mixed Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy to create a thickened epoxy for vertical use  Directions: Carefully mix PolyFiber into liquid mixed epoxy to create...

Stone Coat Countertops

Mold Putty


Use Mold Putty to make perfect silicone rubber molds of the items you wish to reproduce quickly and easily. Simply mix equal amounts of the two putties until a uniform purple color is achieved. Roll...