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Durable Fiberglass Mesh


Product Information

Introducing Stone Coat Countertops' Durable Fiberglass Mesh – the essential component for creating strong and waterproof shower walls with epoxy. Our expertly designed fiberglass mesh is perfect for installation over foam panels, providing a robust solution for your bathroom renovation projects.

Product Details:

Measuring 36 inches by 75 feet, our fiberglass mesh roll covers 225 square feet of wall panels. It serves as the backbone of waterproofing, ensuring your shower walls are fortified against slip and fall impacts in wet environments. Trust Stone Coat Countertops for reliable and durable solutions for your bathroom remodeling needs.

Application Process:

  1. Preparation: Apply a 3-ounce per square foot coating of Stone Coat Quick Coat, tinted in your chosen color, over the foam panels.
  2. Installation: Secure the fiberglass mesh onto the wet Quick Coat to reinforce the foam panel, creating a strong and durable base similar to a surfboard's resilience.
  3. Finishing: Cover the mesh with Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy for darker or earth-toned finishes. For white and light-colored shower walls, opt for our Art Coat. Conclude with our Ultimate Top Coat for an exceptionally durable epoxy shower wall surface.

Upgrade your bathroom with the unmatched strength and stunning beauty of epoxy shower walls. Our Durable Fiberglass Mesh guarantees reliable performance. Follow our step-by-step installation guidelines for a flawless and seamless experience. Discover the ultimate solution for long-lasting, durable epoxy shower walls available in the market. Experience excellence in bathroom remodeling.

Technical Specs