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Carrara Marble Epoxy by Stone Coat Countertops, using Stone Coat epoxy A and B.

Why Choose Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy👇

  • Affordable💲: You can remodel your kitchen for under $200 dollars
  • ​Easy to Use👌: Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy is designed for the Do-it-Yourselfer
  • ​Heat Resistant🔥: Designed for the Kitchen and can withstand temperatures up to 425° F
  • Zero VOC🚫: Stone Coat Epoxy has NO Offensive oder
  • ​Impact Resistant🔨: Our Epoxy is Super Durable & made to withstand years of use in the kitchen or bathroom
  • ​Renewable🌎: You can Quickly renew your epoxy project after years of use with our Polishing Kit
  • ​Customize🥇: Substitute colors or add different metallic powders or epoxy dyes to bring your project to the next level!

FREE How-to Project Video

Stone Coat Countertops offers a number of Carrara marble epoxy kits. This includes the
1/2 gallon kit, the 1-gallon kit, the 2-gallon kit, and the 4-gallon kit. We have you covered
no matter the size of your countertop. Browse our selection of Carrara marble epoxy
countertop kits below!

Carrara Marble Epoxy with two coats of White Epoxy Undercoat.
Lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper. Gently sand the edges by hand.
Pour the white epoxy in the center of the project, then use a 1/8
Remove trowel lines by randomly chopping the surface with a chop brush.
Use a propane torch or heat gun to remove air while mixing and chopping epoxy. Apply epoxy to the edges with your chop brush.
Marbleize the project by randomly chopping in black metallic with your brush.
Create the marble countertop of your dreams! Marbleize your project as desired.
Create a vein with black metallic epoxy. Chop the vein to blend and meld.
Paint with air and meld your project with a heat gun as desired.