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1/8 Inch Square Notch Trowel


The Best Notched Trowel for Epoxy Work

Working with epoxy is easy! But sometimes, finding the right tools isn’t. That’s why we created our very own, all-steel notched trowel.

The Stone Coat Countertops 1/8” Square Notch Trowel brings consistency and quality in your project. You can be sure that the notches are the right depth (or height) for spreading epoxy evenly. So, if you want to guarantee the perfect thickness of epoxy, look no further!

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a trowel like this at a hardware store. Most of them are geared specifically toward mortar for tiles or other uses. And, while you may be able to find a tile trowel in the 1/8” size, it may be harder to work with.

Benefits of the Stone Coat Epoxy Notched Trowel

Epoxy must be poured (and spread) at a specific thickness. If it’s not, your table, countertops, floors, or other project will be uneven and difficult to live with. Notched trowels guarantee consistent thickness every time!

And, although notched towels leave lines in the epoxy (as they do in mortar or adhesive), they don’t stick around. The lines left by our 1/8” square notch trowel will dissipate relatively well over time on their own. However, we recommend “chopping” out those lines with a chop brush to eliminate any uniform, wavy looks.

Our epoxy trowel is designed to work hand in hand with our Stone Coat Countertop system. You can go from MDF wood slabs to finished countertops in a day, thanks in part to this tool.

The best part of this lightweight steel trowel? The included folded handle will even help you remove drips as they gel up. You can even set it on end so that the drips run away from the teeth. That means you can use it over and over again!

Looking for Other Epoxy Tools?

Use our square trowel below if you’re about to do your own epoxy project. But if you’re looking for more epoxy tools, check out our chop brush and trowel set here. Or find anything you’ll need for any project in our epoxy tools section, which includes:

Time to grab your project by the foldable steel handle! You’ll need this trowel for great results, and always remember…

You Got This!


1/8'' Square Notch Trowel Spreads Epoxy Perfectly

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