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How to make White Exotic Marble

Step by Step Instructions

Step #1: Prep your Surface

Make sure your surface has 2 coats of our White Epoxy Undercoat. Once dry, sand the surface with 220 grit and wipe the dust. Then tape your edges off.

Step #2: Mix the Epoxy

Our Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy is a 1:1 Ratio by volume. This recipe is an exotic pour, so you will want to mix up about 5 oz per square foot.

Step #3: Mix in your Color Additives

In separate containers, mix all your colors individually. Once mixed, randomly pour all the colors back into a single container while adding spray paint between some layers.

Step #4: Wash Coat/Pour the Epoxy

Spread any leftover epoxy you have over the entire surface prior to pouring. This helps promote the epoxy to flow. Next, it’s time to pour out those colors! In any fashion you want, pour the epoxy out over your entire surface. You can’t mess this part up; the epoxy will do the hard work for you! Just make sure to get the entire surface covered.

Step #5: Move and Meld

By using a heat gun, torch, stick, gloved hand, or anything you have, to move the epoxy around until you’ve gotten your desired look. Using heat also pops all the bubbles. Make sure to torch the entire surface at least 3 times to ensure the epoxy levels out perfectly.

Step #6: Peel Tape and DONE!

About 1 ½ hours later peel the tape and with a gloved hand rub the edges so the epoxy flows over the edge perfectly! Once completed, let your project harden overnight, and it will be ready for a clear coat the next day.

Here's our color recipe in the video:

  • Metallic Powders  
    • Diamond Dust
    • White
    • Silver
  • Dyes:
    • Black & White
  • Spray Paints:
    • Gloss White
    • Silver