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Slab Jig

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Here is the video on how to assemble the Slab Jig. Slab Jig Assembly Video Link Click Here.  This slab jig will help you make wood slab projects flat!   The jig is adjustable to fit most router bases, we use a Surface Planing  Router Bit - 3" Cutting Diameter and a 1.75 horse router.( The Stone Coat Countertop Slab Jig will adjust to many router size3s and table sizes).  This is a very ridged jig which will help make your woodworking projects more professional without the expense of a CNC machine.  We love the time we save and the way this jig glides across our table.  We set this up on a 4' x 8', but you can adjust the size of the jig to different table sizes.  On thicker slabs simply add a spacer of wood that the wheels ride on to allow for very thick projects. The Stone Coat Countertop Slab Jig is built TOUGH!  We built this jig to last, very high end materials are used to build this jig.   Call anytime for free project support!   This jig does not come with the router or bits. Shipping on our slab jig is about 3-5 business days.

For orders outside of the USA please e-mail for a shipping quote.  Our slab jig costs extra for us to ship out of country please confirm the extra shipping costs before placing an out of USA order.  Thanks! 

Check out the Slab Jig in action. Click Here

Slab Jig Review click here

*** Router not included ***

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