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White Quartz Epoxy Kit

$119.66 - $562.31

Product Information

Revitalize your countertops and shower walls with the White Quartz Epoxy Kit from Stone Coat Countertops. Designed for DIY enthusiasts, this comprehensive kit includes everything required to achieve a high-end white quartz appearance without the hefty price tag of big box stores. Suitable for enhancing existing surfaces or building new ones, our kit simplifies the renovation process, making it accessible to anyone.

Enjoy the elegance of white quartz and the pride of a DIY project well done. With straightforward instructions, you'll transform your space with new surfaces that elevate your home's aesthetics and value.

White Quartz Epoxy Kit Coverage Rates:

  • 1/2-gallon covers 10 square feet
  • 1-gallon covers 20 square feet
  • 2-gallon covers 40 square feet
  • 4-gallon covers 80 square feet

Kit Contents:

  • Art Coat Epoxy (1/2, 1, 2, or 4 gallons)
  • Diamond Dust Metallic Powder
  • Black Glitter
  • Silver Glitter
  • WHITE Epoxy Undercoat

Order your White Quartz Epoxy Kit now and start your transformation journey with Stone Coat Countertops.

*4-gallon White Quartz Epoxy Kit contains 2 of every additive and 2 - Epoxy Undercoats - White

Optional add on - Stone Coat's Ultimate Top Coat for maximum durability

Quick Guide Instructions:

For each square foot of countertop to be coated, measure 3 ounces. Use a paddle mixer attached to a drill to mix the material at a 1:1 ratio for 2 minutes. If mixing by hand with a paint stick, double the mixing time and remember to scrape the sides halfway through. Begin by preparing the surface with 2 thin coats of Epoxy Undercoat - White. If applying over old countertops, it is recommended to use Stone Coats Bonding Primer as the first coat for optimal adhesion. Next, add the desired Diamond Dust, White Glitter, and Silver Glitter into the mixed epoxy and mix again. Carefully pour out the colored epoxy and spread it over the surface using gloved hands or a 1/8'' square notch trowel. To achieve a smooth finish, use a chop brush to dab or chop the top. Use a heat source such as a heat gun or propane torch, sweeping it 1-2'' from the countertop to remove any air bubbles. Allow the epoxy to cure for 18-24 hours before applying a clear coat of epoxy or the Ultimate Top Coat as the final step. Remember, you've got this!

Considering Epoxy over White Quartz: Exploring Alternatives

Let's delve into the world of white quartz and its alternatives. While white quartz has its appeal, there are some aspects to consider when it comes to living with the final product. So, let's weigh the pros and cons of quartz countertops.


Pros of Quartz:

- It boasts an impressive aesthetic appeal.

- It's resistant to bacteria and easy to clean.

- It offers greater strength compared to options like marble.


Cons of Quartz:

- It comes with a hefty price tag.

- It can be sensitive to UV light and heat.

- It's prone to chipping, scratching, or denting.


It's worth noting that working with quartz can be challenging, particularly during home renovations involving this heavy material. This is where many people start looking for alternatives, such as epoxy.

Exploring White Quartz Alternatives:

1. Natural Stone like Marble or Granite:

While these natural stones are often considered more luxurious, they are also more expensive and require more maintenance. Quartz is usually seen as an easier alternative to these options.

2. Epoxy Resin:

Epoxy, a durable and cost-effective option, offers incredible versatility for DIY enthusiasts. It provides a stunning look and is relatively easy to work with. Moreover, it comes at a lower cost compared to natural minerals.

3. Laminate:

Laminate can be a practical choice as it can mimic the appearance of various materials, including quartz and exotic stones. Although it may not exude the same level of sophistication, it offers durability and ease of use.

While there are numerous options available for white kitchen countertops and interior design, if white quartz is your desired look, the other alternatives may not be worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions about Granite and Alternatives:

We understand that you may have some questions regarding white quartz and its alternatives. Allow us to address a few of them to help you determine the best option for your renovation or home improvement project.

1. Is white quartz expensive?

As a luxurious engineered stone, white quartz does come with a hefty price tag. The cost per square foot significantly increases with professional installation. In contrast, the cost of epoxy countertops is roughly equivalent to quartz.

2. Can you use Clorox or bleach on quartz countertops?

Quartz is more durable than granite and marble, making most household cleaners safe to use. However, it's important to avoid harsh cleaners and bleach as they may discolor quartz. Similarly, epoxy is robust but should also be kept away from harsh cleaners and bleach.

3. What are the disadvantages of quartz countertops?

Quartz countertops are not heat-resistant and can be easily damaged or discolored by hot pans. They are also expensive and may limit your design options.

4. Are white quartz countertops hard to keep clean?

Even solid white quartz is relatively easy to clean due to its non-porous resin content. Epoxy countertops, on the other hand, are even easier to maintain.

5. Can white quartz turn yellow?

Yes, it is possible for white quartz to turn yellow when exposed to harsh cleaners, bleach, or other chemicals and solvents. Epoxy, however, is less prone to discoloration.

We have answered only a few of the many questions we have received over the years. Our team is always ready to discuss how you can transform your kitchen, bathroom, garage floor, or even shower walls!

Getting Started on Your Project:

Epoxy doesn't just offer a great appearance, it's also enjoyable to work with. You can create your own white quartz countertops using epoxy resin, hardener, and a combination of glitter and metallics. If white is your color of choice, we have several kits, videos, and how-to guides to assist you.

At Stone Coat Countertops, we have developed a wealth of resources for DIY enthusiasts. Check out our videos showcasing what we have accomplished with white quartz. Scroll down for detailed how-to guides that will help you achieve the same stunning results!

Watch us create white quartz slabs using epoxy:

See how we made white quartz countertops from epoxy here:

Revitalize your old medium-density fiberboard (MDF) or laminate surfaces with epoxy! Explore our how-to guide on creating white quartz countertops. It provides all the necessary information for transforming your kitchen, bathroom, or hearth into a gorgeous space.

Next Steps for Your Project:

By now, you are likely brimming with inspiration for your home improvement project. Perhaps you are even reconsidering the use of quartz. If you enjoy the satisfaction of doing things yourself, epoxy is hard to beat. Not only is it cost-effective, but we are also here to help. Take a look at our kits and feel free to reach out to us with any questions or for advice. And always remember...

You Got This!

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