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White Quartz Epoxy Kit

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Why You Should Consider Epoxy over White Quartz






A Bit About White Quartz

Quartz—the quartz used in interior design—isn’t entirely quartz at all. It’s an engineered stone made of crushed quartz and resin. Quartz can be white, black, or include many other colors.

Many designers like working with white quartz because it can look amazing. But once you get past the looks, living with the final product is another story.

These are the pros and cons of quartz countertops.

Pros of Quartz

  • It looks very good
  • It’s bacteria resistance and easy to clean
  • It’s much stronger than options like marble

Cons of Quartz

  • It’s extremely expensive
  • Sensitive to UV light and heat
  • Can chip, scratch, or dent

One thing to consider is that quartz can be difficult to work with. Home renovations with such a heavy material may require a few extra hands to help out.

With cons like cost and project time in mind, many people look for alternatives like epoxy.

White Quartz Alternatives

Because white quartz can be difficult to work with, a lot of DIYers look for different materials. These are a few of the most common:

1.    Natural Stone like Marble or Granite

We had to include this, but they’re not exactly alternatives! These natural stones are more expensive and more difficult to maintain. Usually, quartz is considered an easier alternative to these!

2.    Epoxy resin

White quartz is already partially made of resin. It’s what gives it its luster and makes it easy to maintain. Epoxy is durable, looks incredible, and is very easy for DIYers to work with. Plus, it’s much cheaper than actual minerals!

3.    Laminate

Laminate can be printed to look just like a variety of materials. You could make it look just like any color of quartz or exotic stone you want! And laminate is easy to work with… and it’s durable! However, it doesn’t look as clean or classy as the other options above.

There are many other options for white kitchen countertops and great looking interior design. However, if white quartz is the look you want, then the others aren’t worth listing!

FAQs About Granite and Alternatives

We’ve heard a lot of questions about white quartz and its alternatives. We hope our answers help you figure out which option will be best for your renovation or home improvement project.

  • Is white quartz expensive? As a luxurious engineered stone, white quartz does come with a hefty price tag. The cost per square foot goes up considerably if you get professional installation, too. In contrast, the cost of a countertop of epoxy and a square foot of quartz are roughly equal.
  • Can you use Clorox or bleach on quartz countertops? Quartz is tougher than granite and marble, so most household cleaners are safe to use with it. However, harsh cleaners and bleach may discolor quartz. Epoxy is similarly robust, but we don’t recommend harsh cleaners or bleach, either.
  • What are the disadvantages of quartz countertops? They don’t react well to heat. A few seconds from a hot pan can damage the surface and even discolor white quartz. They’re also very expensive and may limit your design options. 
  • Are white quartz countertops hard to keep clean? Even solid white quartz is relatively easy to clean because the resin content in it isn’t porous. Epoxy is even easier to maintain!
  • Can white quartz turn yellow? Yes, it can. Harsh cleaners, bleach, and other chemicals and solvents may yellow your countertops! Epoxy doesn’t discolor easily.

Of course, we’ve heard many more questions over the years. And we’re always happy to talk about how to transform your kitchen, bathroom, or even your garage floor or shower walls!

How to Get Started on Your Project

Epoxy doesn’t just look great—it’s also fun to work with. You can create your own white quartz countertops with resin, hardener, and any combination of glitter and metallics. But if white is your color, we have several kits, videos, and how-to guides to help!

Here at Stone Coat Countertops, we’ve created a ton of resources for DIYers. Check out some of the videos below to see what we’ve done with white quartz.

Or simply scroll down for some how-to guides that you can follow to achieve the same results!

Watch us create white quartz slabs out of epoxy:

[insert video:]

See how we made white quartz countertops from epoxy here:

[insert video:]

Improve your old medium density fiberboard (MDF) or laminate with epoxy! Check out our white quartz countertops how-to guide here. It will show you everything you need for your own gorgeous kitchen, bathroom, hearth, etc.

Next Steps for Your Project

We’re sure by now you have tons of inspiration for your home improvement project. And maybe if you were thinking about using quartz, you might be reconsidering!

If you like the satisfaction of doing something yourself, epoxy is hard to beat. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to beat on price! Plus, we’re ready to help. Check out some of our kits and don’t hesitate to reach out to ask questions or get advice. And always remember…

You Got This!


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