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Epoxy Thickener


Product Information

Achieve the perfect consistency for your Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy with the addition of Polyfiber Epoxy Thickener. This versatile additive is ideal for vertical applications and enhancing bonding capabilities for MDF and plywood substrates. Whether you're working on vertical wall installations or seaming pieces before an epoxy pour, PolyFiber will ensure a denser and more manageable mixture. Simply blend PolyFiber gradually with your mixed epoxy, adjusting the amount to reach the desired thickness. For vertical applications and seaming, a recommended 1:1 ratio of epoxy to PolyFiber is advised. Tailor the mixing ratio to suit your specific requirements and achieve optimal results.

Contents: Polyethylene fibers

Net Weight: 0.5 lb

Not Hazardous Made in the USA


Technical Specs