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Stone Coat Countertops SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO 1 gallon epoxy resin kit for epoxy countertop contractors.


Sand in 30 minutes!

Professional Formula

Faster Cure Time

High Durability

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Floor Patch Pro FEATURES

Black Color

Achieve professional-looking, seamless surfaces with black Floor Patch Pro.

1:1 Mix Ratio by Volume

Simple recipe combines equal parts Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B) for easy measuring and mixing.

Pro-Formulated for Rapid Curing

Ready to grind smooth in minutes, not hours!

Superior Adhesion

Ensures a strong, durable bond in concrete that integrates seamlessly with your epoxy floors.


Low odor and safe for indoor use.

Made in the USA

Proudly formulated and blended in the United States of America.

why choose Floor Patch Pro?

Reduce project times by rapidly filling cracks, holes, expansion joints, and other imperfections in new or old concrete slabs with a FAST 30-minute set and grindable time. Faster surface prep enables single-day epoxy flooring installations, boosting productivity and bottom lines.

Minimize downtime between floor repairs and epoxy application, saving valuable time and labor costs.

Ensure strong, long-lasting foundations for epoxy floors and minimize the risk of client callbacks for future repairs.

Achieve professional-looking, seamless surfaces before epoxy application, for eye-catching, high-performance results that command premium prices.

Improve Efficiency with Unmatched Speed

Traditional epoxy flooring installations can be time-consuming, often requiring multiple days for surface prep and patching before the epoxy itself can be applied. Floor Patch PRO revolutionizes your workflow with its lightning-fast 30-minute set and grindable time. This innovative formula lets you quickly fill cracks, holes, expansion joints, and other imperfections in both new and old concrete slabs. Faster surface prep translates directly to single-day epoxy flooring installations, maximizing your daily project output and crew productivity.

Minimize Downtime, Maximize Profits

Every minute saved on a project translates to increased profitability. Floor Patch PRO eliminates the waiting game often associated with traditional patching materials. With its rapid curing, you can minimize downtime between floor repairs and epoxy application. This saves valuable time and labor costs, allowing you to complete more jobs and boost your bottom line.

Breathe Easy and Work with Confidence

Your reputation hinges on delivering exceptional quality. Floor Patch PRO ensures a strong, long-lasting foundation for your epoxy flooring projects. Its superior strength and minimal shrinkage creates a smooth, seamless surface for flawless epoxy application. Clients will be impressed with the professional-looking finish, allowing you to confidently command premium pricing for your expertise. Furthermore, the excellent bonding properties Floor Patch PRO exhibits minimizes the risk of future repairs and callbacks, protecting your reputation and saving you time and dollars in the long run.

Make Floor Patch PRO your go-to solution for streamlined epoxy flooring installations. Experience the benefits of faster projects, flawless finishes, and increased profitability.

Sizes Available

2-gallon kit (For larger or multiple jobs)

Technical Specifications

Working Time: 2.5 to 3 minutes

Grind Time: 30 minutes

Ready for Use: 30 minutes


Safety Data Sheet – Part A

Safety Data Sheet – Part B

Recommended Working Conditions

Temperature: 55°F to 90°F (ideal at 72°F)

Humidity Range: 30% to 65%

For Deep Cracks or Large Repairs: Mix Floor Patch PRO with Epoxy Thickener to prevent settling and ensure a perfectly smooth, seamless surface ready for epoxy application.


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