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Stone Coat Countertops SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO 1 gallon epoxy resin kit for epoxy countertop contractors.


Highest-performing protection for your epoxy flooring system

Professional Formula

Faster Cure Time

High Durability

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Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat FEATURES

Crystal Clear Color

Offers exceptional transparency, enhancing details with a high-end, natural look. Perfect for vivid hues and stunning clarity.

1:1 Mix Ratio by Volume

Simple recipe combines equal parts Resin (Part A) and Hardener (Part B) for easy measuring and mixing.

Pro-Formulated Rapid Cure Time

Walk on coated surfaces just 6 hours after application!


100% solids formula dramatically minimizes odor and the effect on indoor air quality compared to solvent-based epoxy flooring systems.

Superior Adhesion

Bonds tenaciously to flake AND metallic epoxy floor coatings.

Superior Durability

Moisture, scratch, and chemical resistance, ensures a long-lasting, professional finish.

Extreme UV Resistance

Protects against yellowing and fading–perfect for both interior and exterior epoxy flooring projects.

Made in the USA

Proudly formulated and blended in the United States of America.

why choose Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat?

Maximize your daily output and profits with same-day overcoats, turning multiple-day jobs into single-day successes.

Work smarter, not faster with our faster-curing formula to keep projects moving without feeling rushed. You'll have enough working time to ensure a flawless finish, every time.

Boost efficiency and client satisfaction with rapid cure times that reduce customer downtime. This translates to faster project completion and happier clients who can get back to enjoying their space sooner.

Work confidently and comfortably on indoor installations with our EXTREME low-odor formula. No lingering fumes or neighborhood complaints, just a safe and pleasant working environment for you and your crew.

Revolutionize Your Workflow with Unmatched Speed

In today's fast-paced home renovation environment, time is money. Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat is a game-changer, boasting the FASTEST curing formula in the industry for professional-grade epoxy floor coatings. Transform your clients’ floors in record time with same-day overcoats, allowing you to complete more jobs and maximize your profits. Say goodbye to waiting days for epoxy to cure–Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat gets you in, and out, and moving on to the next project quickly and efficiently.

Accomplish More, Impress More, Faster

Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat isn't just about speed–it's about achieving stunning, professional-grade results without sacrificing quality. This innovative formula offers extreme chemical and UV resistance, long-lasting durability, and premium high-gloss finish you demand, all while curing significantly faster than competing options. Impress your clients with beautiful, long-lasting floors that are ready for use sooner.

Breathe Easy and Work with Confidence

Unlike traditional epoxy coatings that can emit strong odors and harmful VOCs, Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat is formulated with low VOCs and minimal odor. This creates a safer and more pleasant working environment for you and your crew, minimizing health risks and eliminating neighborhood complaints. Work with confidence knowing you're using a product that prioritizes both professional results and healthy air quality.


Great for both residential and commercial jobs, Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat is your preferred solution for lightning fast installs, professional-grade durability, and a low-odor work environment.

Sizes Available

2-gallon kit (Covers approximately 200-300 sq ft)

Technical Specifications

Working Time: 30 to 40 minutes

Recoat Time: 4 to 24 hours

Light Foot Traffic: 6 to 12 hours

Drive On Time: 3 days

Full Cure: 7 days


Safety Data Sheet – Resin

Safety Data Sheet – Hardener

Recommended Working Conditions

Temperature: 55°F to 90°F (ideal at 72°F)

Humidity Range: 30% to 65%

For non-slip surfaces: Mix 2-4 oz of our Non-Skid Floor Additive per gallon to enhance safety and texture.


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