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Stone Coat Countertops SPEEDCURE Countertop PRO 1 gallon epoxy resin kit for epoxy countertop contractors.


A vapor-blocking barrier for your concrete floors

Professional Formula

Faster Cure Time

High Durability

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Moisture Seal Pro FEATURES

Variety of Colors

Achieve professional-looking surfaces available in black, tan, or gray.

2:1 Mix Ratio by Volume

Simple recipe combines 2 parts Resin (Part A) and 1 part Hardener (Part B) for easy measuring and mixing.

Pro-formulated, Fast-Curing Formula

Complete jobs quickly with a rapid set time.

Superior Adhesion

Creates a strong, unbreakable bond to concrete for durable, long-lasting epoxy floors.

Low Viscosity

Easy to roll on for even, flawless coverage.


100% solids formula dramatically minimizes odor and the effect on indoor air quality in comparison to solvent-based epoxy flooring systems.

Made in the USA

Proudly formulated and blended in the United States of America.

why choose Moisture Seal Pro?

Boost your productivity by completing epoxy flooring installations in a single day! The rapid cure time Moisture Seal PRO Epoxy Primer offers transforms multi-day projects into single-day achievements.

Increase versatility and streamline your product inventory by sealing BOTH plywood subflooring and concrete slabs with a single product.

Expand your design options by offering clients the beautiful possibilities of flake AND metallic epoxy floors. Moisture Seal PRO is the perfect primer for both!

Keep projects moving with same-day overcoats. Fast curing time allows for same-day overcoat application, which is ideal for fast-paced projects, keeping your crews on schedule and clients happy.

Transform Workflows with Streamlined Priming

Traditional epoxy flooring requires a multi-step priming process, adding time and complexity to projects. Moisture Seal PRO revolutionizes your workflow with its rapid cure time (ready in 3-5 hours). This innovative primer allows you to tackle single-day installations, doubling your productivity compared to traditional methods.

Unmatched Versatility for Any Flooring Job

Moisture Seal PRO Epoxy Primer eliminates the need for multiple primers. Its robust formula bonds securely to BOTH plywood subflooring and concrete slabs, giving you the flexibility to handle any job with confidence.

Expand your design options and impress your clients

Offer clients the visually stunning possibilities of flake and metallic epoxy floors. Moisture Seal PRO Epoxy Primer creates the perfect foundation for both of these popular design choices, ensuring a flawless and durable finish.

Execute fast-paced projects with ease

The fast-curing nature of Moisture Seal PRO Epoxy Primer allows for same-day overcoats. This keeps your projects moving forward efficiently and your crews on schedule, ideal for fast-paced environments.

With Moisture Seal Pro Epoxy Primer, experience the benefits of increased productivity, unmatched versatility, and seamless execution, all leading to happier clients and a healthier bottom line.

Sizes Available

1 ½-gallon kit (Covers approximately 190–250 sq ft)

3-gallon kit (Covers approximately 250–500 sq ft)

Technical Specifications

Working Time: 30 to 45 minutes

Scrape Time (Flake Floors): 3 to 5 hours

Epoxy Midcoat Application Time (Metallic Floors): 4 hours

Ready for Polyaspartic PRO Flooring Top Coat (Flake Floors): 4 to 6 hours

Walk-On Time: 3 to 5 hours

Full Cure: 3 to 7 days


Safety Data Sheet – Black Resin

Safety Data Sheet – Gray Resin

Safety Data Sheet – Tan Resin

Safety Data Sheet – Hardener

Recommended Working Conditions

Temperature: 55°F to 90°F (ideal at 72°F)

Humidity Range: 30% to 65%


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