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How to Make Fractured Epoxy Sun Stone


Step #1: Add & Mix Additives

Add metallic powders, epoxy dyes and spray paints directly to your mixing buckets. Mix thoroughly with a mixing stick.


  • Metallic powders
    • Black
    • Diamond Dust
    • Pewter  
  • Spray Paints
    • White
    • Black
    • Satin Fire Orange
  • Dye's
    • Black
    • White
Step 1: Mixing Additives - Combine metallic powders, spray paints, and dyes for your epoxy project.

Step #2: Apply Wash Coat

Tint enough epoxy to thinly apply a wash coat to your project. We tint our wash coat completely opaque. Pour the tinted epoxy on the center of your project and use a mixing or paint stick to spread. Use your gloved hands to spread if you wish.

Step 2: Applying Wash Coat - Tint and spread epoxy evenly on the project using a mixing or paint stick (or gloved hands).

Step #3: Pour Out Tinted Epoxy

Apply your tinted epoxy to your countertop by pouring directly on to your project out of the mixing cup. Overlap and layer the epoxy as desired. Pour out of a bucket, cup, or use a stick to achieve desired look.

Step 3: Pouring Tinted Epoxy - Pour the tinted epoxy onto the countertop, overlapping and layering to achieve the desired look.

Step #4: Enhancing the Natural Look

Identify areas that can be improved by making it look more natural and use a gloved hand to meld the epoxy better. Use a torch or heat gun after to promote more movement after touching up a specific spot.

Step 4: Enhancing Natural Look - Identify areas for a more natural appearance, meld epoxy with a gloved hand, then use a torch or heat gun.

Step #5: "Granify" your Epoxy

Use black spray paint to mist areas in which you would like to add celling to your project. Using a solution of 91% Isopropyl alcohol squirt the solution over the spray painted area and celling will appear.

Step 5: Granify Epoxy - Apply black spray paint, mist with 91% Isopropyl alcohol to create celling effects in desired areas.

Step #6: Meld Epoxy

Use a heat gun or torch to meld the tinted epoxy together on the surface of your project. Do this to achieve a more natural look. Keep from over melding and mixing on the surface. The different additives will work their magic on your project leaving realistic features found in mother nature.

Step 6: Meld Epoxy - Use heat gun or torch to blend the epoxy for a natural look. Avoid over-melding to let additives create realistic features.

Step #7: Enjoy Your New Countertops

You now have a completed Sunstone color coat, to learn how to do a clear coat, click this link You Got This!

Step 7: Enjoy Your New Countertops - Your Sunstone color coat is complete. To learn about the clear coat, visit [link]. You Got This!