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Exotic Pour Color Coat

Exotic Pour Color Coat


Step #1: Determine Your Color Scheme

Mix up 3 ounces of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy per square foot of countertop. Measure at a 1:1 ratio and mix for 2 minutes with a drill and paddle mixer. Pour mixed epoxy into separate mixing containers. Tint the epoxy with your desired spray paint, metallic powder, or liquid epoxy dye colors. Pour the tinted epoxy back into the larger mixing container in layers taking time to apply spray paint between most layers

Step #2: Pour Out Exotic Bucket

Pour your bucket slowly on your project in a random pattern. When creating a countertop with this technique, let the epoxy do the work. As the epoxy melds and self levels take time to tap with your gloved finger any dry spots to break up surface tension and help the epoxy flow. Peel the tape as a last step, rub the edges to help the epoxy flow.