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Every color you see here has been created using the techniques we teach in our free video training! 
Send us pictures of your own Stone Coat Countertops projects and we may add it to the Gallery!

 Stone Coat

Countertops have the look and feel of polished natural stone. They are 100% non porous and never need to be re-sealed. Stone coat is an exceptional solid surface for food prep which does not promote the growth of bacteria.

Stone Coat Countertops

are custom manufactured. Our unique coloring process allows for any color combination. We’re not limited by stone availability, slab size, or even large price increases for the look of exotic stone. Veins and other mineral effects found in natural stone can be mimicked or even enhanced to complement any kitchen layout, allowing for a versatile and dynamic element to any design.

Stone Coat Countertops

can be installed in as little as one or two days, so home owners won’t be without a kitchen for weeks at a time. Over 90% of the countertop process is completed off site which minimizes the time, inconvenience, and mess of onsite construction.

 Stone Coat Countertops has a very durable surface. Stone Coat Countertop epoxy is scratch and heat resistant. As with all countertop surfaces, it’s possible to damage Stone Coat countertop epoxy, however the Stone Coat countertop process makes those small repairs simple. When other countertop materials are damaged they are hard to fix and sometimes even un-repairable.

Stone Coat

countertops are environmentally friendly. Stone Coat Countertop epoxy contains very low VOC ( volatile organic compound, qualifying as a green building material ). We don’t extract slabs of stone from a quarry, leaving no impact on the earths mountains. Stone Coat Countertop epoxy does not release radon gas (some Granite does),

Think Green.

Stone Coat Countertops

is very economical, Stone Coat Countertops start at $29 per sq ft. Other materials are much higher in price: Granite costs $65-$150 per sq ft; Sile stone, zodiaque, and other “man made stone” $55-$120 per sqft, Solid surface such as corian, $45-$90 per sq ft, Formica $25-$65 per sq ft.)

Here it Looks like Concrete!

Metallic Powder Countertops

Stone Coat Countertop Customer projects

"I looked at a ton of options for our kitchen, we looked at concrete, marble, granite, cultured stone, and even a higher-end fromica. It wasn't until I happened upon a Stone Coat Countertops YouTube video when I searched "DIY" did I even know epoxy was an option. I am an avid Do-it-yourselfer, but most other options scared me too bad to even think about trying myself. That was until I saw Mike's videos. It seemed effortless, natural, and best of all.... AFFORDABLE! Every other avenue was extremely expensive and we had already conceded to the mindset of saving for a few years until we could afford to get what we wanted, but with Stone Coat, we paid a mere fraction of what even the next best option would have been. The product as well as the results speak for themselves. My very happy wife and I cannot thank you enough for the tutorials and shared experience as well as producing such an AMAZING product. I am even planning on making some sample boards to show some friends and possibly try and make my own countertops on the side. If I had to sum up Stone Coat in one word.... AMAZING!
Thank you again!
Jeff F.
Tucson, AZ

This was the very first time this customer had used Stone Coat!  Beautiful job!

"Thanks Stone Coat Countertops for great instructional videos and a wonderful product. For anyone out there who is considering trying Mike'so techniques, please do. Just follow his instruction and buy the product he suggests and you can't go wrong. As Mike explains, the temperature must be right and the mixture must be right on for the best results. Heck, if I can do it then anyone can. Happy Stone Coating :-)"    Daniel S.    Austin, Texas


Damian's first sample

Steven H. Samples

     This was Eric's first attempt with Stone Coat Countertops.  He made this amazing table, here is what he said, Thanks Eric!

     "You know you really can't capture the beauty of these tables with a phone camera. It looks so awesome! Very happy with it. Thanks so much for the guidance and a wonderful product."    Eric D.  Colorado

Whipsaw Woodworks     Arizona 

Sherry E  Tennessee 

Got your products and wanted to practice a bit. Here are to two we played with, man this was easy to do and so much fun. I want to redo my 25 year old Formica vanity top in my spare bathroom. I do allot of custom woodwork so this is right up my alley. Thanks again for all your great videos, keep them coming! 

     Robert K.    Nevada

Jackie W.

J. Gonzalz

Charles D.

Johanson Construction



Steven H.


Charles D

Richard D


I just completed my first samples boards using Stone Coat Counter Top Epoxy.  I'm preparing to do the entire kitchen and an island. Having never worked with Epoxy before I thought they turned out nice.  All the training videos you and Kathryn have on YouTube are just great.  Thank you for sharing all the knowledge about your product.  I needed to replace the wood on my counter tops and the videos showing how to build them were watched several time too.  It's back to work on Monday but if all goes well I'll be doing the kitchen project next weekend.  


Mark S

Sparta MI


I just finished my first portion of countertop and my wife and I are extremely happy with the results. This is a small counter next to the refrigerator where our coffee and tea makers are located.
We have another small counter piece to polish out along with the main countertop which we have incorporated a vein running the length split by the sink in the center. I will send photos when complete.
I believe we will do something similar in our family room bathroom once this project is completed.
Thanks for your help!
Tod K

Thanks for all your help. If a 74 year old grandmother and great mother can do this anyone can! My kitchen island is 22 years old and looked quite beaten up. Since I was new at this I decided to redo the top of it since if I messed it up there would be no great loss. Looks great! Now I have to repaint the base so it will look like new.

Betty C.  

Enclosing before and after photo:





I wanted to reach out let you know how impressed I am with your product and service. From the moment I decided to pursue this project, I felt like I was in over my head, but you and your wife made it so easy. I really feel like I wouldn’t have ended up with the table I have without your patience and guidance.


I was nervous about “messing it up”, but the product is so easy to use that it was easy even for me, a novice woodworker. I also appreciate you always answering my calls and giving me the great feedback. It was so refreshing to get to speak to someone when I called rather than having to leave a message and wait for a call back. I have attached some pictures to show the bales progress. Again, thank you for the incredible service and product. I would recommend Stone Coat Countertops to anyone looking for an easy, durable, and quality product! The results are amazing!



David S.

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