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Metallic Pigment Powder


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Polycolor Metallic Mica Powders - 15-gram bags

Elevate your epoxy resin projects with Stone Coat Countertops' Polycolor Metallic Mica Powder. Our wide selection of vibrant metallic hues will revolutionize the aesthetic of your countertops, art pieces, and woodworking creations, imparting a mesmerizing finish. Effortlessly integrate the powder into your epoxy mixture or blend it with 91% isopropyl alcohol for nuanced effects. Each 15g bag can tint up to 1 gallon of resin, providing extensive coverage and depth. Unleash your creative potential and transform ordinary projects into stunning granite-like masterpieces. With a variety of colors available, our Natural Metallic Mica Powders offer endless possibilities for customization and elegance. Combine different powders to craft custom colors tailored to your project's needs. Not only do our metallic powders enhance the visual appeal, but they are also simple to use, ensuring your projects attain a unique and luxurious look effortlessly. Shop now to explore the full spectrum of color possibilities with Stone Coat Countertops Natural Metallic Mica Powders and transform any space with your creations.

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