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Severed Marble Epoxy Design | Discover How To Create a Severed Marble Counter Look with Blue & Silver Epoxy Colors at Stone Coat Countertops

Severed Marble Epoxy Design | Discover How To Create a Severed Marble Counter Look with Blue & Silver Epoxy Colors at Stone Coat Countertops

Apr 1st 2020

Create Your Original Severed Marble Epoxy Counter Design in a Few Simple Steps

Greeting to all you severed marble supporters! In this step-by-step guide, our experts will show you how to create an incredible severed marble epoxy design on your countertops.

With this walkthrough, we chose to use a metallic silver and blue epoxy color theme, but you’ll soon see that there are endless epoxy resin color themes you can choose to incorporate into your counter design. So with all that said, why don’t we get started on this severed marble epoxy project!

1. Grab your Natural Gray/Broadway and Gloss Black Paint & Primer In One products.

2. Pour out large streams of both colors of paint & primer onto your project.

3. Use your gloved hand to mix, meld, and apply the paint to your countertop. You can also use crumpled blue shop towels to meld the paint together.

4. Lightly fog areas with gloss black spray paint. Use a roll of paper towels to incorporate the colors.

5. Continue to layer paint color a desired.

6. Let the Paint & Primer In One completely dry. Lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper, and wipe the dust with clean paper towels.

7. Use masking tape to create damns to pout your first coat epoxy inlays.

8. Gather your black, cobalt blue, seaside, white spa blue, metallic silver, and lagoon spray paints.

9. Mix with a 1:1 ratio by volume/3oz per square foot for 2 minutes using a drill. Remember to hold the bucket when mixing and rub the sides and bottom.

10. Mix up your additives and add metallic powder to your cup before the epoxy to keep dust to a minimum while mixing.

11. Pour out black tinted epoxy into areas you tapered off. Use our notch trowel to evenly spread the epoxy.

12. With a 2” chop bush, randomly chop the countertop with the heel of the brush.

13. Randomly apply the metallic mixed epoxy on your project.

14. Use your spray paint colors to fog over the black epoxy layer as desired.

15. Use a crumbled paper towel to mix and meld the colors together. PRO TIP: When melding the colors, don’t overmix—give the epoxy time to settle.

16. Wait until the epoxy has gelled and turned sticky/stringy. Depending on your working environment, this typically happens between 3-4 hours.

17. Use masking tape to build a damn to keep the next coat of epoxy off of the first coat inlays

18. Mix up phase 2-color coat for 2 minutes with a paddle mixer with a 1:1 ratio by volume/3oz per square foot.

19. Use a bondo spreader to meld the tinted epoxy together.

20. Continue to incorporate the many colors together with a torch or heat gun.

21. Pour out a little clear epoxy and create highlight veins with spray paints.

22. Peel and discard tape damn. Use your fingers to break surface tension and help the epoxy flow.

23. Lightly fog and rub your edges—then let it dry.

24. Lightly sand with 220 grit sandpaper.

25. Mix and apply clear Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy for 2 minutes - 1:1 ratio by volume/3oz per square foot.

26. Trowel with a 1/8” by 1/8” square notch trowel, chop with a 2” chop brush, and torch 2-4” from the surface.

27. Allow the freshly poured epoxy to cure—then enjoy your new epoxy countertop!