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Woodworking Epoxy Guide | Explore Our Epoxy for Woodworking Projects Guide at Stone Coat Countertops

Oct 3rd 2021

How To Use Epoxy for Woodworking Projects

This woodworking epoxy guide goes over a recent project involving a scrap piece of the redwood slab and some casting epoxy. This guide will show you how to take an old piece of redwood and turn it into a fantastic woodworking epoxy showpiece. We'll go over all the steps from flattening, cutting it to shape, sealing, pouring epoxy, and much more! Colored resin in wood always comes out unique, and we'd love to show you how to do it yourself. Continue reading below to take your resin woodworking projects to the next level. Complete woodworking epoxy table

Prepping The Redwood Slab

To start this woodworking epoxy project, we first have to make our redwood slab flat and even on the top and bottom sides. This will also expose some of the fresh woodgrain underneath, making this resin woodworking project stand out. There are many techniques to getting your piece of wood flat. We found that creating an adjustable height jig for a router power tool makes the leveling process quick and easy

Preparing colored resin in redwood slab


Create A Frame For Your Epoxy Wood Project

Our epoxy wood project's next steps are to create a leak-proof frame for the redwood and colored epoxy to be placed in as the epoxy cures. A pro tip that we recommend is to get yourself a roll of Tyvek tape. This tape has a non-stick coating on its backside, which helps with the removal of the frame from your resin woodworking piece.

Epoxy for woodworking frame

Apply Quick Coat Woodworking Epoxy

For sealing the live edges of the piece of redwood, we use our unique formula of Quick Coat Epoxy. This woodworking epoxy dries within 2-3 hours and is easy to apply. We'll mix 1:1 ratios of the Quick Coat epoxy and brush it on the edges. This is an essential step as it will seal the edges of the redwood and keep air from leaking out of the wood pores into the finish casting epoxy pour. After thoroughly applying the Quick Coat, we recommend using a torch to remove any air bubbles that may have formed during the mixing process.

Epoxy quick coat application on wood

Epoxy Quick Coat
Epoxy Quick Coat

Epoxy Quick Coat

Pour Your Colored Resin in the Wood Frame

On a woodworking epoxy project like this, you don't want to have to wait days and days for thin layers of epoxy to cure and harden before you can pour again. This is why we've created our unique formula that can be poured in thick batches well over 2 inches. This product is called the Stone Coat Countertops Super Cast. 

In this resin woodworking project, we will be using a beautiful purple mountain metallic epoxy powder to give our redwood a nice contrasting color. We recommend torching the air bubbles out of this big pour every 1/4 in. until you've reached the top of your woodworking epoxy piece.

Pouring woodworking epoxy

Super Cast Epoxy

  Purple Mountain Metallic Epoxy Powder
Super Cast Epoxy Purple Mountain Epoxy Powder

Super Cast Epoxy

Purple Mountain Epoxy Powder

Mixing epoxy for woodworking

Epoxy Quick Coat
Epoxy Quick Coat

Epoxy Quick Coat

Prepare For Epoxy Flood Coat

In this step, we will be preparing our epoxy wood project for its final coating of epoxy. The following stages of preparation consist of getting flush edges and a smooth top surface. We'll use our table saw to trim the woodworking epoxy table to the correct size. Moving forward, we'll need to sand out any rough spots using several different sanding techniques and grit papers.

Sanding colored resin in wood

Apply Epoxy Flood Coat

In the last step of using epoxy for woodworking, we'll be mixing up a batch of our Clear Epoxy to flood the top layer of this project. Then, using our specially designed 1/8 square notch trowel, we’ll level out the epoxy. After a few minutes, we recommend completing a couple of passes with a torch to remove any air bubbles and clear up the epoxy entirely.

 Applying woodworking epoxy

Epoxy Gallon Kits

Epoxy Tools Kit

Epoxy Gallon Kits Epoxy Tools Kit

Epoxy Gallon Kits

Epoxy Tools Kit

Enjoy Your New Resin Woodworking Project

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your very own resin woodworking project. contact our experts Monday through Friday 8 AM-4 PM PST. And be sure to subscribe to our  Stone Coat Countertops YouTube Channel for more unique DIY epoxy walkthroughs!


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