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Flooring & Countertop Epoxy Colors Collections

Stone Coat Countertops

Ultimate Color Collection for Epoxy Resins


Ultimate Epoxy Pigment Color Collection. We at Stone Coat Countertops put together every additive we offer in our ultimate epoxy color kit. Our collection of pigments for epoxy color your resin fast and is extremely U.V. stable. Make sure your epoxy...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Countertop Spray Paint Collection


Countertop Spray Paint Collection – Stone Coat Countertops put together our best-selling and most popular spray paint collection for epoxy countertops. Create natural-looking granite veins, vibrant epoxy exotic pours, and much more. Each spray...

Epoxy Countertop Dye Collection


Countertop Epoxy Dye Collection - Stone Coat Countertops most popular and best-selling epoxy dyes for creating realistic-looking natural stone epoxy countertops. Perfect for exotic pours and many styles of epoxy marble, granite, and quartz countertops...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Metallic Powder Collection


Countertop Metallic Collection- This metallic powder collection is a selection of Stone Coat Countertops' most popular colors for creating realistic-looking stone epoxy countertops. Each natural, colorfast fine particulate mica powder comes in a...

Browse our collections of countertop colors online. With our epoxy resin color packages, you don’t have to worry about finding complimentary colors or ones that blend well together. We offer epoxy paint colors that work together nicely. We even have a stone coat countertop colors package that includes multiple forms of additives including spray, dye and dust. Purchase an epoxy resin color collection with Stone Coat Countertops.