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Counter Epoxy Resurfacing & Resin Products

Stone Coat Countertops

Smokey Mountain Marble


Included in the Smokey Mountian Marble Epoxy Kit: 1/2, 1, 2, or 4 gallons of Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy 1 - Black Dye 1 - White Dye 1 - 15 grams of Diamond Dust Metallic Powder 1 - White Spray Paint 1 - Black Spray Paint 1 - Marble Effect Spray -...

Stone Coat Countertops

Bonding Primer 1 Quart


***This Bonding primer is White in color**** Bonding primer for applying epoxy over, laminate countertops, solid surface countertops, cultured marble, and other non porious smooth hard surfaces.  Low odor/low VOC. Performs like an industrial...

Stone Coat Countertops

Sanding Kit with Sanding Discs


  Here is a free video link on how we Sand and Polish. Click here to learn more about our Sanding kit.  Polishing epoxy takes practice and experience. We recommend practicing on a sample to see the results and sheen level.  The brilliant...

Stone Coat Countertops

2" Chop Brush


This is the brush we prefer to use when chopping our Stone Coat Countertop epoxy as well as brushing edges.  Clean with Acetone and remove any loose bristles before using.  We have tested many types of brushes and this is our favorite! Save...

Stone Coat Countertops

1/8 Inch Square Notch Trowel


The Best Notched Trowel for Epoxy Work Working with epoxy is easy! But sometimes, finding the right tools isn’t. That’s why we created our very own, all-steel notched trowel. The Stone Coat Countertops 1/8” Square Notch Trowel brings...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Floor Patch Kit


DESCRIPTION Stone Coat Countertops Floor Patch - Epoxy Patching Gel 1/2-gallon kit *Larger sizes available upon request* Floor Patch is a 2-part epoxy system Resin (A), Hardener (B). They harden by a reaction after they are mixed together...

Stone Coat Countertops

Polishing & Cleaning Epoxy Kit


Watch our information video on this kit click here. In this kit you get 16 ounces of our Polishing Compound and 16 ounces of our Liquid Smooth Cleaner.  The Compound is what we use to remove small surface scratches as well as the final step in...

Stone Coat Countertops

Epoxy Thickener


DESCRIPTION Use: Add PolyFiber to mixed Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy to create a thickened epoxy for vertical use  Directions: Carefully mix PolyFiber into liquid mixed epoxy to create a thick mixture. Add enough PolyFiber  to achieve...

Stone Coat Countertops

Platinum Silicone Rubber 2 lb.


Plat 10 is a platinum based 1:1 mix ratio (by weight or volume) silicone mold making rubber that when cured yields a soft and pliable 10A rubber. Plat 10 complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and can be used for making molds for delicate castings including...

Stone Coat Countertops

Synthetic Modeling Clay 1 lb.


Synthetic Clay for Two Part Molds or to Seal Mold Boxes Alumilite Synthetic Modeling Clay is used for creating one time original patterns, sealing mold boxes, and for claying up two part molds. It never dries out and can be reused over and over again...

Stone Coat Countertops

Durable Fiberglass Mesh


Durable Reinforcement Fiberglass Mesh 36" x 75' (225 sq ft) Provides strength and durability to the epoxy and foam shower wall system Self-adhesive for easy application 36" x 75' (225 sqft) Fiber Glass Mesh Installation Instructions: Remove any loose...

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