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This kit is for applying Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy on Vertical walls such as showers, back splashes, accent walls, water features, entry ways, ceilings, and more. Get the old world look of venetian plaster, or stone and marble effects. The techniques are easy to do, watch our free training video here, Each kit comes with a half gallon of Stone Coat Countertop epoxy, 2 base metallic colors, one accent metallic color, and enough wall additive to make a half gallon of vertical wall epoxy. Each kit will cover 40-100 square feet depending upon how thin or thick you apply the materials. Deep grout joints will require more material to fill than a smooth wall. You can apply directly over textured surfaces. Use bonding primer when installing over tile or other non-porous smooth hard surfaces. If you just want the wall additive with no colors use this link. PolyFiber II wall additive is a 1:1 ratio, each bucket of wall additive will thicken 1/2 gallon of epoxy.



Vertical Wall Epoxy Kit

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First Metallic Color (2 Packs)
Accent Metallic Color (1 Pack)