Now you can route perfect circles with the Burl Hunter circle jig! Lifetime Warranty

All hardware is included with mounting screws for a Dewalt router.

Also included is a center puck that can be used if you do not want to drill a hole in your project for an anchor point.


  • Mount your router to the jig using your existing screws or the ones provided
  • Determine what diameter circle you would like for example: if you would like a 36" diameter you want to divide 36 by 2 which equals 18"
  • Slide center peg to 18". That is from the inside of your router bit to the center of your peg
  • Now that you have your jig measured for a 36" round drill your 1/4" hole in the center of your cut medium.
  • Set the peg in the hole. 
  • Note: you have to determine what the depth you need to cut. Not recommended to cut deeper than 1/4" per pass so if you have a 1" piece of plywood you will need to make 4 passes.
  • Place both hands on the router.
  • Turn on your router and plunge the bit into the wood and start to rotate clock wise.
  • Now you are off creating perfect circles.

See it in action!



Circle Cutter

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