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White Veined Marble | Learn How To Make White Striated Marble With Epoxy at Stone Coat Countertops

Sep 23rd 2021

How to Make a White Veined Marble Countertop

White Striated Marble Recipe:

Metallic Powders

White Metallic Powder

Diamond Dust Metallic Powder

White Metallic Powder Diamond Dust Metallic Powder

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Spray Paint

White Spray Paint

Black Spray Paint

Copper Spray Paint

White Spray Paint Black Spray Paint Copper Spray Paint

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Epoxy Dye

Black Epoxy Dye

Black Dye

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Step 1. Add & Mix Veined Marble Additives

To achieve our desired white veined marble design we’ll begin by adding metallic powders, epoxy dyes, and spray paints directly to your mixing buckets. Mix thoroughly with a mixing stick this will be used as a wash coat and a baseline for your secondary colors.

Mixing veined marble epoxy

Step 2. Mix Your Secondary White Striated Marble Color Additives

Pour some of the white striated marble epoxy from your main bucket into your smaller buckets and then add your secondary additives into these smaller buckets and cups, mix with a stir stick, but don’t overmix to ensure as much realism as possible.

Mixing veined marble texture

Step 3. Pour Out Your First Wash Coat

Thinly apply a wash coat to your project. We tint our wash coat completely opaque. Pour the tinted epoxy on the center of your project.

Pouring veined marble texture base coat

Step 4. Spread Your First Wash Coat

Use a mixing or paint stick to spread the first wash coat to evenly cover the board. Use your gloved hands to spread if you wish. This will ensure that our white veined marble texture will adhere to the piece correctly.

Spreading white veined marble

Step 5. Pour Your Second Wash Coat

Thinly apply your second wash coat to your project using a different tinted epoxy. Pour the tinted epoxy on the center of your project and use a gloved hand to spread.

Second veined marble wash coat

Step 6. Add White Veined Marble Accent Colors

With your leftover epoxy add spray paint into the bucket and lightly mix to achieve the most natural white veined marble look possible.

White veined marble accent colors

Step 7. Pour Out Tinted Epoxy

Apply your tinted epoxy to your countertop by pouring directly onto your project out of the mixing cup. Overlap and layer the epoxy as desired. Pour out of a bucket, cup, to achieve the desired look. 

Pouring white veined marble colors

Step 8. Enhance The Veined Marble Look with a Paint Stick

Using a paint stick, gently move across areas of interest to enhance the white veined marble color effects, use a torch or heat gun to meld those areas back together.

Create striated marble with a paint stick

Step 9. Using Excess Epoxy to Increase Realism

With a gloved hand or paint stick, scoop up excess epoxy that has leveled off of the piece, and spread it over your epoxy project to achieve the ultimate realism.

Increase white striated marble realism

Step 10. Melding Epoxy & Remove Bubbles

In a sweeping motion use a torch or heat gun to meld any epoxy effects as well as remove bubbles from your white striated marble epoxy project. At this point, your piece should look amazing and natural.

Torching white striated marble bubbles

Step 11. Scrape The Drips

After about 2-3 hours your epoxy project should start to “jell up” at this point you can take a gloved hand or a paint stick to the bottom edge and gently scrape the epoxy drips until the underside is smooth to the touch.

Scrape veined marble drips

Step 12. Enjoy Your New White Veined Marble Countertops

You now have a complete white veined marble color coat, to learn how to do a clear coat, click this link . You Got This!

Finished white veined marble countertop