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Gutter Drip Rails

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Epoxy Gutter Rails are perfect for preventing epoxy drips, run-off, or leakage from getting all over your kitchen, bathroom, or garage floor!

This epoxy drip rail system is made out of HDPE, which epoxy won’t stick to. This means you can reuse it over and over again, on a variety of DIY home improvement projects!

Includes a set of 5 rails, which are 4 feet each, and add up to a total of 20 feet. All rails are straight and even. 

Also includes L-shaped connectors for going around corners, making them perfect for epoxying islands and large countertops with lots of twists and turns. 

Gutter Rails can be assembled in a matter of minutes! Start off by screwing the rails to the bottom of your substrate (MDF, plywood, etc.).

Slide the gutter rails into each other. Lock them together and then screw them together.

Finally, tape the sides of your gutter rails to your countertop/substrate for added stability and reinforcement. It’s that quick and easy!

Use tape to hide any gaps or seams if necessary. Tip snips work well for cutting the rails.

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