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Epoxy Floor Patch Kit

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Stone Coat Countertops Floor Patch - Epoxy Patching Gel 1/2-gallon kit

*Larger sizes available upon request*

Floor Patch is a 2-part epoxy system Resin (A), Hardener (B). They harden by a reaction after they are mixed together. Floor Patch Epoxy Patching Gel is a 1:1 mixing ratio. Floor Patch is designed to fill cracks, pits, and saw cut control joints before applying an epoxy floor coating.

  • Surface Preparation - Surfaces must be clean and dry. Use a diamond blade or crack chaser to draw out pre-existing cracks in the concrete. Contaminant oils, grease, wax, old coatings, and debris must be removed from the floor before use.
  • Remove Resin and Hardener from their respective containers by using two separate utensils. Do not contaminate Resin (A) jar with Hardener (B) and vice versa. If this occurs, the product will begin to cure inside of the jar.
  • Thoroughly mix Resin (A) with an equal part of Hardener (B) for at least 3 minutes with a putty knife or paddle. Mix until the material is a uniform color. Insufficiently mixed blends yield poor results. Adding extra Hardener will not make the product cure at a quicker rate.
  • Working Time: 25-30 minutes.
  • Cure Time: 4-6 hours depending upon room temperature.
  • Do not use below 50 degrees F or above 90 degrees F
  • Thicker Layers will harden faster than thin layers
  • Apply mixed product with a trowel, putty knife or by a gloved hand. Caution: Product becomes very warm during curing process
  • When hard, product can be sanded and coated over for desired look.

Watch here to see our Floor Patch in action: Click Here!



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