Thank you for your interest in using Stone Coat Countertop products in your area!  Many folks are looking for a product that looks like natural stone, or one of a kind woodworking projects, as well as unique Art pieces. Quality work without the heavy price tag is the key to our success.  We have years of experience installing Stone Coat Countertops here in our small local market and know how great the potential Stone Coat Countertop epoxy has for any professional, contractor, designer, artist instructor, or individual  wanting to pursue a niche market.

      Here is how we suggest jump starting your business!

Here is an example of a video ad we use to generate many jobs for ourselves and other professionals who we help to market their epoxy business, all content is customized to each business. 

Step by Step map to an Epoxy Business-


Practice makes perfect! 

Make samples and practice your craft. We suggest at least 10 samples that go well with the area which you are looking to provide your services. Countertops need to be colors which look like beautiful natural stone and will go well with kitchen decor.

Art can be vibrant and eye catching, with more unique color patterns, no rules! 

Become Licensed.

Be sure if you are contracting in customers homes you have the necessary license and insurance to preform work. If you're not ready for this step building Stone Coat tables, wood slab projects, art and samples are a great way to start a business and sell through street fairs, Etsy, flea markets, art gallerys and even garage sales.  We have watched Stone Coat Countertop customers start small and build amazing business with out investing a lot of money, simply selling projects as they gain experience. 

Advertise where the customers are.

We advertise using modern platforms online to get our epoxy projects seen by folks looking for our specific service.  When you learn how to advertise on Facebook ads manager or other social media platforms your phone will ring with customers hoping for free estimates. You need to have a professional voice mail, as well as a simple website which introduces your quality of work as well as you as the expert. It's also important to have your physical samples that showcase your skills and customers will love.

Be prepared to work.

Simply said, if you advertise and your pricing is fair you'll have a flow of work that folks will hire you to preform.  You don't want to advertise until you are prepared to meet with clients and preform the work. We have found that Stone Coat Countertop projects sell themselves.  Keep it simple by only doing work you are 100% confident in finishing, you'll build a reputation quickly and your business will soar!  

Never stop learning

As you hone your craft never stop learning.  Practice new techniques and slowly offer new colors or options to your clients, such as vertical walls or metallic floors.

Do the jobs you love and it truly won't feel like you're working! Use Stone Coat Countertops experience as a resource.  We will answer and guide you and your business to help you avoid setbacks.   Feel free to call us anytime!  Study our videos after you have practiced samples and you'll pick up tips and tricks that were missed the first time you viewed the content.   

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