Hi Mike,

Here are 2 test boards.  Everything went as planed!!  I couldn't be happier!  I'm getting ready to order for the entire kitchen!  More pics to follow!  Thanks!

I wanted to share 2 of my 3 countertops that are stonecoat over concrete tops.  I want to thank you for a wonderful product that is easy to work with.  The 3rd will get its final flood coat this weekend and will be sharing that one as well.  Your tutorials and exceptionally affordable product have delivered a premier countertop that have my friends and neighbors envious.  See for yourself on the photos.



Paul H.

Hey Mike,
I wanted to think you for all your help with my little DIY countertop project. The wife and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out, even though I didn't remove the backsplashes. I did chase a few runs, but it isn't noticeable enough to worry with. I also had 4 different powder paints mixed with alcohol ready to go, but once I chopped the coffee metallic with a brush I was in love and swore off adding anymore color.I've included some before and after photos. Thank you again for your help and your products. I've been talking up your site and there's a lot of interest from those who have stopped by the house to look at my counters.


       I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I really enjoyed your product. I used it to create a desktop for my home office. On the invoice you asked for a picture, so here you are. I will be making another order. I am going to be creating samples with my sister.  She and her husband are in the process of building a new home. She lives in western Oklahoma and she is building a log cabin. I guess you still call a 4000 sq ft home a cabin if it made out of logs. I don’t know if you’ve been to western Okla, but there aren’t enough trees there to build a decent dog house. So if you have any ideals on what kind of countertops look good with a log interior, please let me know. That’s what the sampling is going to be for.

Hello Mike,


I finally finished my project! I wanted to say thank you for all your help and great customer service. You went above and beyond from ordering the product through the completion of the job and even called me when I was in a panic with in 10 minutes of receiving my email. I love your products and will definitely use them again. 


Thanks for making my first time using your product a success.


Talk soon!  Joseph C

Richard C.

Mike, I love my new countertop and backsplash! Everyone who sees it says it's beautiful and it must have difficult. I told them this was such an easy product to work with and the hardest part was the cut out for sink and lights? I gave this job to my husband, haha. Your videos inspired me and gave all instructions needed. You were so helpful when I called or emailed questions. I am delighted with your products and you personally could not have been sweeter or more helpful. Thank you so much! By the way, both of my sisters want their countertops done with these products. I can certainly see how a person could make a business of this. I know I will be doing their countertops. So much for retirement. Love your products and you!
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Received your product last week! Thank you. Used it for the first time on a river table desk for my daughter. Here are some pics.    Andre

      We recently ordered one of your 2-gallon kits for our new concrete island and here are pictures of the end results.  I did the mixing and my wife was the artist.  We had used another product on the concrete prior to Stonecoat and it didn’t do so well but the Stonecoat has done great I did run in to a bit of off gassing bubbles from the concrete but nothing I couldn’t be fixed.  Over all its been a great experience and looking forward to ordering and using it again on my other countertops.



Walter K. W

Just thought I'd share some photos of some of my table projects with your ocean blue pigment.  I love this color so much and is wayyyy better than the pearl ex I've used.  I can't wait to try some more colors!  This is a concrete table top I'm working on as well as 2 different Osage live edge tables.  Thanks again and I look forward to my next order.


Karl W

Hey Mike,

I finally got my garage cleaned and was able to do anfew stone coat samples. I was really happy with this one. Let me know what you think.


DIY project finally completed. Before & after photos, some were hard to get without a glare. Here is a link to the product I used. They have videos to show you how it is done. I practiced on some tables & boards before doing the countertops. It was fun working with the epoxy & metallic powders. This company was very friendly and helpful. They make it easy for anyone to do this.

stonecoatcountertops.com      I absolutely love my countertops! !!!!!!! Let me know if you are able to see my facebook post with pictures. Thanks for all your help Mike & Kathryn!  

Dot W.

Just some pics from our new countertops. We love them. I'm trying to talk everyone I know into letting me do theirs. Great product! -Brandon S.

Keith Gordon

Stone Coat Countertops was a pleasure to use. It was very easy to use and the 45 minutes gave you ample time to fix or adjust and issues.  Gordon G.

hello again Mike and Kathryn,


We finally got our video together and posted up on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLlzE-La4B8 as an example of what can be achieved on the first attempt at using your product after watching your videos. We have included links to your website and You Tube playlists.


Please let us know what you think, and if you want any shots (video or stills) of our kitchen for your own purposes we will happily provide them.


Thanks again, we really can't thank you enough. The way your videos are presented, your thoroughness and attention to detail throughout all stages of the Stonecoat process taught us the techniques and gave us the knowledge and confidence to achieve an amazing result on our own kitchen countertops. 


We will be doing more Stonecoating as more projects pop up and will let you know the results. Looking forward to more videos from you guys!


All the best,

Andy and Helga.

Hey Mike, 

Here is a link to a video with a couple new samples I did.  Thought I would share.


I just wanted to say thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and expertise.  I was already doing high level work before I came across your videos, but in the last few months since I have been playing with some of the techniques you show, I feel like my skill set has really expanded and my work is going to a whole new level.  Thanks again for sharing. May God continue to show you favor in your business endeavor and may he lead you into all truth.